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17 Facts About The Sky Mile Tower

The biggest city in the world deserves the tallest building in the world. At least, that’s what the developers of.

They want to construct a skyscraper that is one mile high and in this post, you’ll discover all the facts about the Sky Mile Tower.

1. It will really be the tallest building in the world

At the moment, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the tallest building in the world at a height of 828 meters.

There is, however, a structure being built at the moment that will surpass it when completed, which is the Jeddah Tower, which will have a total height of at least 1,000 meters (the exact height is unknown at the moment).

As the name suggests, the Sky Mile Tower aims to beat them all with a height of over 1 mile or 1,600 m (5,249 ft). This will truly make it the tallest building in the world.

sky mile tower tokyio tallest building in the world
The Sky Mile Tower in Tokyo will become the tallest building in the world upon completion. / Source

2. It’s part of a larger development plan

Tokyo is the largest city in the world and also one of the most innovative ones. The project that the tower will be part of is called “Next Tokyo 2045,” which is a proposed futuristic, high-density project.

If the proposed plan gets approved, the Sky Mile Tower will become the centerpiece of this highly advanced area in Japan’s capital.

facts about the sky mile tower

3. Where will the Sky Mile Tower be located?

Tokyo is an enormous city with very little space left for new infrastructure to be completed, especially large projects such as Next Tokyo 2045.

The only way a project like this can succeed is to reclaim land, which will be done in Tokyo Bay, the bay area that spans the coast of Tokyo.

Art-Facts Youtube Channel

This means that the tower will be built on an artificial island, similar to for example one of the most famous buildings in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab, which was also built on reclaimed land.

burj al arab built on an island
The Burj Al Arab is also built on an artificial island, just off the coast of Dubai.

4. Who will build the Sky Mile Tower?

The main architect of the project is Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, An American and one of the world’s largest architecture firms. The company has its headquarters in New York City.

The structural engineer of the project is world-famous Leslie E. Robertson, known for his work on the Bank Of China Tower in Hong, Kong, the Shanghai World Financial Center, and the recent PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur.

facts about the PNB 118
Leslie E. Robertson’s work, the PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur.

5. The tower aims to house a lot of people

The entire project “Next Tokyo 2045” will become a city in itself with space for an astounding 500,000 residents. Yes, that’s half a million people!

The tower itself, the ultimate residential block, will be able to house a total of 55,000 people.

Next Tokyo 2045
An aerial view of Next Tokyo 2045, a city in the sea. / Source

6. The project is conscious of climate change

At the moment, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities. The entire idea of the “Next Tokyo 2045” is to create a mega-city that is adapted to global climate change, which could make large cities vulnerable to extreme overpopulation and flooding.

This means this new, futuristic city, which is located along the coastline, needs to be ready for rising sea levels.

Because of this, the project can be seen as a glimpse of the future and become a prime example of how large cities will be able to cope with the consequences of climate change.

7. The shape of the tower is important

One of the most important facts about the Sky Mile Tower is that its enormous height needs to be optimized in such a way that it’s wind-resistant.

For this reason, the tower has a hexagonal design that proved to be the most suitable shape to deal with the wind and keep the building stabilized.

sky mile tower hexagonal design
The tower will have a hexagonal shape to make it wind-resistant. / Source

8. How do you pump water a mile high?

Another important element of the tower is the fact that it’s pretty complicated to pump the water to the floors on top of the building.

After all, these floors will be located almost a mile in the sky!

The solution proposed by the engineers is to create a facade with multiple storage facilities to collect, store and distribute the water to all floors in the tower.

sky mile tower water storage
The facade will contain spaces to store, collect and distribute water across all floors in the tower. / Source

9. The tower has space for agriculture

The tower will have space for industrial-scale agriculture on its facade, and smaller gardens for agriculture at the top levels.

This is another important element in terms of building sustainable structures in the future as it results in local food production.

10. The residential areas will be interconnected

The tower will become a city in itself, with all the needed facilities integrated into it and interconnected with each other to serve its 55,000 residents.

The tower will have shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, gyms, libraries, and hospitals. It will also have enough outdoor gardens for residents to enjoy the fresh air on the top floors.

The Sky Mile Tower will become the ultimate vertical city!

sky mile tower facts
The tower will become a vertical city within a new futuristic city. / Source

Quick Facts about the Sky Mile Tower

11. The Sky Mile Tower will be at least one mile high, which is at least 1,600 meters or 5,249 feet.

12. Upon completion, the Sky Mile Tower will be double as high as the Burj Khalifa and almost 5 times as high as the Eiffel Tower!

13. It will have a total of 421 floors which will be able to house 55,000 residents.

14. The total floor area will be 1,375,000 square meters (4,511,155 square feet).

15. The “Next Tokyo” project will help to serve as a mid-bay transit hub to connect the Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures.

16. Tokyo Bay is 1,300 square kilometers big and over 250 square kilometers of land has been reclaimed already.

17. The total area of “Next Tokyo” of which the sky Mile Tower will be the centerpiece is 12.5 square kilometers.

Tower in tokyo 2045
The tower in Next Tokyo / Mashton444 /

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