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Top 10 Famous Bridges in South Korea

South Korea is a country that is located at the southern end of the Korean Peninsula and has a border with the secretive nation of North Korea.

Over 51 million people live here of which about half call the enormous metropolitan area of the capital city Seoul their home.

The country features a diverse architectural landscape and is home to some of the most amazing bridges in the world. These include historical bridges and huge road and railroad bridges.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the most famous bridges in South Korea.

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1. Banpo Bridge

The Banpo Bridge is one of the 31 bridges that cross the Han River in Seoul. It’s located right in the heart of the city and it’s not the architectural design, not its length, of the bridge that makes it one of the most fascinating landmarks in the city.

This bridge features the “Moonlight Rainbow Fountain,” the longest bridge fountain in the world. This remarkable attraction is illuminated at night and shoots approximately 190 tonnes of water per minute. This results in one of the most astounding spectacles that you’ll ever come across.

Banpo Bridge in Seoul / Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters / Wiki Commons

2. Bridge of No Return

The Bridge of No Return isn’t a very appealing name, so you should take the warning sign at the beginning of it seriously. This historic landmark crosses the border of South and North Korea and is situated just northwest of Seoul.

While this is certainly a fitting name for the bridge today if you walk toward North Korea, it earned its name at the end of the Korean Armistice in 1953. Prisoners of both camps were allowed to cross the bridge following an exchange with the sole condition that they were never allowed to return. I’m pretty sure North Koreans today wouldn’t mind.

Famous bridges in South Korea Bridge of no Return
Bridge of No Return / Filzstift / Wiki Commons

3. Incheon Bridge

Art-Facts Youtube Channel

The Incheon Bridge is a huge cable-stayed bridge that connects Yeongjong Island and the mainland of Incheon in the utmost western part of the Seoul metropolitan area. Its the longest bridge of its kind in South Korea and has a length of 21.38 kilometers (13.28 miles).

It was completed between 2005 and 2009 and the deck of the bridge is supported by two massive towers that reach a maximum height of 230.5 meters (756 feet). The maximum height of the deck reaches 74 meters (243 feet) above the water below.

Incheon Bridge in South Korea
Incheon Bridge / Cameron Henderson / Wiki Commons

4. Gwangan Bridge

Gwangan Bridge is another very long bridge that is located in Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea. It connects two central districts in the city, Haeundae-gu to Suyeong-gu, with each other and has a total length of 7,420 meters (24,340 feet).

This length makes it the second-longest bridge in South Korea after the Incheon Bridge. Building the bridge was a massive endeavor as well. Construction started way back in 1994 but it wasn’t completed until 2002. The first vehicles only crossed it in January 2003.

Gwangan Bridge
Gwangan Bridge / Cheolstar / Wiki Commons

5. Seongsan Bridge

Seongsan Bridge is another remarkable bridge in South Korea that crosses the Han River in the center of Seoul. It was the 12th bridge that was constructed across the river in the country’s capital city and connects the Mapo District and Yeongdeungpo District.

The bridge was completed in 1980 and has a total length of 1,400 meters (4,593 feet). It’s magnificently illuminated at night which makes the city in the background even more enthralling. This makes it no surprise that this is one of the most photographed bridges in South Korea.

Seongsan Bridge
Seongsan Bridge / Travel Oriented / Wiki Commons

6. Namhae Bridge

Namhae Bridge is another suspension bridge in South Korea that connects Hadong Noryang and Namhae Noryang in the utmost southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Another large bridge, the Noryang Bridge, is located just 500 meters to the west.

The bridge was completed in 1973 and has a total length of 660 meters (2,170 feet). The two red towers that support the bridge dominate the landscape as they stand 80 meters (260 feet) above the water below. What’s remarkable about this structure is that it features a real-time monitoring system so authorities can monitor its performance.

Namhae Bridge
Namhae Bridge / Catherine / Wiki Commons

7. Yi Sun-sin Bridge

Yi Sun-sin Bridge is another bridge in the southern part of South Korea that is located just west of the Namhae Bridge. It’s located in a heavily industrialized area and is part of the so-called “Approach Road to Yeosu Industrial Complex.” It’s named after a Korean general from the 16th century who built the world’s first ironclad warship.

The bridge has a total length of 2,260 meters (7,410 feet). This makes it remarkable that the main span has a length of 1,545 meters (5,069 feet), making it one of the top 10 longest suspension bridges in the world. The support towers are immense, reaching a height of 270 meters (890 feet) above the water.

Yi Sun-sin Bridge
Yi Sun-sin Bridge / Steve46814 / Wiki Commons

8. Wolchulsan Cloud Bridge

Wolchulsan is the name of a mountain located in the southwestern part of South Korea. This rugged mountain features twin peaks and is the centerpiece of the Wolchulsan National Park. It’s the smallest National Park in the country with an area of just 41 square kilometers (16 square miles).

This mountain in the South Jeolla province features a remarkable bridge referred to as the Cloud Bridge. This small pedestrian bridge is situated between two peaks of the mountain and offers dazzling views of the surrounding area. It’s not advisable to cross it if you’re afraid of heights, though.

Wolchulsan Cloud Bridge
Wolchulsan Cloud Bridge / Wiki Commons

9. Cheongdam Bridge

Cheongdam Bridge is yet another stunning bridge that crosses the Han River. It connects the Gwangjin and Gangnam districts of Seoul which are located just east of the heart of the city. The bridge has a length of 1,211 meters (3,973 feet).

This remarkable structure was completed between 1993 and 1999 and the reason why it took so long to build is that it carries both vehicles and a Seoul Subway line. It was the first so-called duplex bridge in South Korea as the subway trains cross the Han River below the bridge’s deck.

Cheongdam Bridge
Cheongdam Bridge / Seongmin Park / Wiki Commons

10. Busan Harbor Bridge

The Busan Harbor Bridge is another astounding bridge in the second-largest city of South Korea. The huge cable-stayed bridge was completed in 2014 and connects the Yeongdo District and Nam District in the southern part of Busan.

The bridge has a length of 3,368 meters (11,049 feet) and pylons that tower up to 190 meters (623 feet) above the water below. The towers of this bridge can be illuminated in multiple colors at night which transforms them into some of the most amazing landmarks in the city.

Busan Harbor Bridge
Busan Harbor Bridge / Christophe95 / Wiki Commons