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Top 10 Amazing Milad Tower Facts

Did you know that one of the most fascinating towers in the world is located in the Iranian capital of Tehran?

In this post, you’ll discover the ultimate list of interesting Milad Tower facts, one of the most remarkable landmarks in the world!

1. It’s located just north of Tehran’s historical center

Milad Tower is an observation tower and one of the most prominent landmarks in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Therefore it’s also sometimes referred to as the “Tehran Tower.”

It’s situated about 5 kilometers (3 miles) to the northwest of the historical center of the city, right between the upscale neighborhood of Shahrak-e Gharb and the district of Gisha.

Milad Tower location
The tower in Tehran / SHangool23 /

2. It’s the centerpiece of a large entertainment complex

While the main feature of the tower is to serve as an observation tower that provides astounding views of the city and nearby mountains, it offers a wide variety of other entertainment facilities as well.

The tower is the main feature of the International Trade and Convention Center of Tehran. This center features a luxurious hotel, an IT Park, multiple restaurants, and a wide variety of retailers.

Milad Tower surroundings

3. The tower was originally designed in the 1970s

The tower was originally designed to become the centerpiece of the Shahestan Pahlavi project. The construction of the tower was even officially inaugurated on August 19, 1975, with the Shah of Iran and the Mayor of Tehran, Dr. G.R. Nickpay.

The entire project was halted shortly after and completely shelved after the Iranian Revolution of 1979, also referred to as the “Islamic Revolution,” an event that resulted in the Shah of Iran being kicked out and replaced with the Islamic Government that still rules the country today.

milad tower and mountains
The amazing tower / Dara Zarbaf /

4. The construction didn’t start until the late 20th century

One of the most remarkable Milad Tower facts is not that construction only started in the late 20th century because of continuous turmoil in the country, but that the idea of building the tower was only shelved temporarily.

Art-Facts Youtube Channel

The new Islamic Government simply gave the tower a new purpose, which was to serve as a symbol of Tehran and the Iranian Government.

The main reason was that the Azadi Tower, formerly known as the Shahyad Tower or the “Shah’s Memorial Tower,” was built by the Shah of Iran himself in 1971.

It was still one of the most prominent landmarks in the city, marking the western gate of Tehran, so the new government wanted to build a grandiose structure to replace the Azadi Tower as the symbol of Tehran.

Azadi Tower full moon
Azadi Tower / Wiki Commons

5. It was one of the tallest towers in the world upon completion (and still is)

Did they succeed in their attempt to diminish the Azadi Tower to a trivial landmark?

Most certainly! Upon completion in 2007, the Milad Tower was the 4th-tallest freestanding telecommunication tower in the world with a total height of 435 meters (1,427 feet).

One of the most fascinating Milad Tower facts is that it remains the 6th-tallest observation tower in the world at the time of writing this article (March 2021). Only the Canton Tower in Guangzhou (604 meters / 1,982 feet)and the Tokyo Skytree in Japan (634 meters / 2,080 feet) have surpassed it so far.

Milad tower at night
The tower at night / Hadi Karimi /

6. The antenna adds a lot of height to the tower

Even though the tower stands 435 meters (1,427 feet) above ground level, the concrete shaft is only about 315 meters (1,033 feet) high. This means that the antenna on top of the tower adds 120 meters (390 feet) to its height.

The observation deck on the top floor of the tower is located at a height of 312 meters (1,024 feet).

Milad tower top at night
The top section of the tower at night / Source

7. The lobby of the tower features 6 floors

While the pod at the top of the tower is the main attraction, the lobby of the tower is quite impressive as well and has a similar design as the upper section. The base has an octagonal shape which is a reference to traditional Islamic architecture.

It features 6 floors which offer visitors a wide variety of options to dine and shop. It also houses 6 elevators that can bring visitors to the top of the tower at a speed of 7 meters per second (23 feet per second).

Milad Tower entrance
Entrance to the tower / مانفی /

8. The top section is a massive 12-floor steel structure

The top pod of the tower is double the size of the one at the foot as it features a total of 12 floors. This enormous steel structure weighs a whopping 25,000 tonnes as well!

The total floor count of this pod is an amazing 154,000 square meters (1,660,000 square feet).

Milad tower fun facts
The top section of the tower / Source

9. The top floors of the tower offer multiple entertainment facilities

Apart from a revolving restaurant that offers 360-degree views of Tehran, the top floors also feature an open-air and an indoor observation deck as well as a skydome on top of the tower!

The other floors house an art gallery, a cafeteria, and a VIP Restaurant reserved for special events.

Milad tower entertainment facilities
The entire top section of the tower / Source

10. The views from the observation decks are literally astounding

There’s no better place to get a complete view of the remarkable city of Tehran than on top of the Milad Tower. The 3 observation decks provide some of the most amazing views imaginable.

This clearly shows the fascinating location of the city with the background of the Alborz mountain range which features Mount Tochal, a peak at an altitude of 3,963 meters (13,002 feet) above sea level!

View from milad tower
View from the tower / Milad Mosapoor / Wiki Commons