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23 Fabulous Facts About The Sky Tower

This fascinating structure is one of the most famous landmarks in all of New Zealand.

In this post, you’ll discover the ultimate list of facts about the Sky Tower in Auckland, one of the most beautiful towers in the world!.

1. Where is the Sky Tower located?

The Sky Tower is a telecommunications and observation tower and the most prominent landmark in Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland is located in the north of New Zealand in the region with the same name and is the most populous urban area of the country.

The Sky Tower stands majestically in the Central Business District of the city and dominates the Auckland skyline with its unique design and height.

Sky Tower Auckland facts

2. How high is the Sky Tower?

The Sky Tower has a height of 328 meters (1,076 feet) measured from the ground to the Antenna Spire.

It also has an observation deck that is open to the public at a height of 220 meters (721.8 feet). This observation deck offers amazing views of the city and surrounding area.

View from top of the sky tower

3. It holds an amazing record

One of the most interesting facts about the Sky Tower is that a height of 328 meters (1,076 feet) doesn’t just make it the tallest free-standing structure in New Zealand, but also the tallest in the entire Southern Hemisphere!

At the moment of writing, it’s also the 27th tallest tower in the world and nearly half as high as the 2 tallest, the Tokyo Skytree (634 meters / 2,080 feet), and the Canton Tower in Guangzhou (604 meters / 1,982 feet).

facts about the sky tower in auckland

4. When was the Sky Tower built?

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Unlike for example the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, (1976), or the Tokyo Tower in Japan (1958), the Sky Tower was built just a few decades ago.

Construction of the tower started in 1994, and the structure was completed on August 3, 1997, just 2 years and 9 months later.

Sky Tower facts

5. The Sky Tower has 8 legs

The tower was constructed with high-performance reinforced concrete and steel and stands very firmly on 8 massive legs.

These concrete legs are supported by 16 pillars which are drilled about 12 meters (39 feet) deep into the local sandstone to ensure the structure remains stable.

3 of the 8 Legs of the Sky Tower
3 of the 8 Legs of the Sky Tower. / Wiki Commons

6. It’s built to survive natural calamities

The massive legs ensure that the structure can survive even the strongest winds. It can easily handle winds of over 200 kilometers per hour (120 miles per hour) and is built in such a way that it can sway up to 1 meter (39 in) during heavy storms.

It can also handle earthquakes with a magnitude of 8 if they happen within a 20-kilometer radius.

Yes, the Sky Tower is an amazingly firm structure!

Sky Tower in the business district
Sky Tower in the business district / Jack /

7. The elevators have a remarkable safety feature

It’s not just the structure that is ensuring the safety of the tower and the people inside at the moment, it’s also the 4 elevators inside the shaft of the tower.

The elevators have special technology built-in which detects movements in the tower. If the tower starts swaying too much, the elevators will slow down. If the swaying crosses a certain parameter, the elevators will return to the ground level and wait until the swaying gets back to normal levels.

A pretty ingenious feature!

sky tower facts interesting

8. It’s part of a larger complex

The Sky Tower was built by Harrah Entertainment, a company now known as “Caesars Entertainment Corporation.” This company has its headquarters in Reno, Nevada, in the United States.

The Sky Tower was the centerpiece of a project referred to as “SkyCity Auckland,” which also contains a casino and event center.

Apart from these main features, it also contains a 700-seat theater, a convention center, 12 bars and restaurants, and 2 hotels.

Sky tower at night
The Sky Tower at night / Bgabel /

9. It can change to any color combination imaginable

The SKy Tower can produce an amazing light show as well and change into millions of different color combinations at any time of the day!

These lights are used to support various organizations and charities, mark special days such as Christmas and Easter, and show support for various causes.

Sky Tower breastcancer awareness month
The Sky Tower turns pink for breast cancer awareness month/ Source

10. The observation deck is a popular tourist attraction

The most popular feature of the Sky Tower is its observation deck, which offers views over the city of Auckland from a height of 220 meters (721.8 feet).

But the observation deck isn’t the only feature high in the sky. There’s also an option to visit the “Sky Cafe,” the “Orbit 360° Dining” restaurant, The “Sugar Club” restaurant, and the “Skywalk.”

The 360-degree restaurant is actually a revolving restaurant at a height of 190 meters (620 feet). It’s the only of its kind in New Zealand and turns 360 degrees once every hour.

Aerial view of Auckland from the Skydeck
Aerial view of Auckland from the Skydeck. / Source

11. Are you brave enough for this?

Walking around in the Skydeck to catch amazing views of Auckland and its surroundings is an amazing experience.

However, if you’re a daredevil, then there’s more, something you will most probably never forget in your life!

On the 53rd floor you can find the “Skyjump,” an attraction that allows you to actually jump off the Sky Tower!

Jumpers are connected to a cable to avoid collisions with the tower and can reach a speed of up to 85 kilometers per hour (53 miles per hour)!

Not for the faint of heart!

Skytower jump skyjump
The Skyjump / Bgabel /

Quick facts about the Sky Tower in Auckland

12. The construction took 2 years and 9 months and the tower officially opened on August 3, 1997.

13. The current owner of the tower is the “SkyCity Entertainment Group,” an Auckland-based entertainment company.

14. The tower has a total height of 328 meters (1,076 feet) from the ground to the antenna spire. The roof is located at a height of 237 meters (777.6 feet).

15. The total cost to build the tower was NZ $85 million.

16. The total floor area inside the tower is 5,500 square meters (59,202 square feet).

17. Nearly half a million people visit the Sky Tower every single year, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand.

The tower from the ground
The tower from the ground. / Source

18. A total of 15,000 cubic meters (20,000 cubic yards) of concrete was used during the construction of the tower.

19. 2,000 tonnes (2,200 short tons) of reinforcing steel and 660 tonnes (730 short tons) of structural steel were used to build the tower as well.

20. The mast at the top of the tower weighs 170 tonnes (190 short tons) and was put into place by a crane that was attached to the tower.

facts about the sky tower cool

21. The crane that put the mast into position had to be removed by another crane that was built and attached to the tower for just this purpose.

22. The current LED lights in the tower were installed in 2009 and use 66 percent less energy than the original ones.

23. The Sky Tower has received a New Zealand Institute of Architects National Award as well as multiple regional awards for its unique design.

auckland skyline sky tower
Auckland Skyline Sky Tower / Pavel Špindler /