Virgin Of The Rocks By Leonardo Da Vinci – Top 12 Facts

Even though Leonardo da Vinci didn’t leave behind a huge number of paintings, some of his works are considered to be the most famous works of art ever created. The works of Da Vinci we’ll examine in this post (yes, plural for a particular reason) are generally known as “Virgin of the Rocks” or “Madonna … Read more

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Leicester Facts

One of the greatest geniuses in history scribbled down some of his thoughts and these writings are worth millions of dollars almost 5 centuries later. That’s why the Codex Leicester, the name of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscript, was sold at Christie’s auction house in New York to nobody else than Bill Gates in 1994 for … Read more

10 Facts About The Annunciation By Leonardo Da Vinci

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12 Mysterious La Belle Ferronnière Facts

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12 Facts About Ginevra de Benci By da Vinci

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Top 8 Famous Renaissance Artists

The Renaissance, a period born in Florence, Italy, in which humanity left the dark Middle Ages behind and embarked on a quest to measure life by the achievements of people. This way of thinking, which was grounded in the revived study of classical antiquity, expressed itself in art, architecture, politics, science, and literature. In this … Read more

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17 intriguing Facts About The Vitruvian Man

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20 Famous Paintings and Drawings By Leonardo da Vinci

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