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Raby Castle
Raffles Hotel (Singapore)
Rain, Steam, and Speed
Rape of Europa
Rape of Prosperina
Raphael (1483-1520)Facts about the Italian master of the High Renaissance
Raphael paintingsList of the most famous paintings by Raphael
Raphael’s deathLearn what scientists think about the cause of death of Raphael
Realism Art
Realism Artists
Realism Paintings
Redon, Odilon Paintings
Red Paintings
Red PyramidOne of the biggest pyramids in Egypt, located in the Dahshur Necropolis
Red Square
Red Square Buildings
Red Studio
Red Vineyard
Reichstag BuildingHistoric government building in Berlin with a glass dome
Reims Cathedral
Rembrandt (1606-1669)
Rembrandt Paintings
Renaissance Art
Renaissance ArtistsList of the most famous Renaissance artists in history
Renaissance Buildings
Renaissance Paintings
Renaissance Revival Buildings
Renaissance Sculptors
Renaissance Sculptures and Reliefs
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste Paintings
Resurrection of Christ (Raphael)
Reunion Tower
Rialto BridgeThe most iconic of all bridges in Venice
Rijksmuseum Paintings
Rio de Janeiro Cathedral
Roaring TwentiesFacts about this innovative period in human history
Rochester CastleMedieval castle in Kent, South East England
Rockefeller CenterA massive building complex in New York completed during the Great Depression
Rococo Art
Rococo Artists
Rococo Buildings
Rococo Paintings
Rodin, Auguste (1840-1917)Facts about the French sculptor and founder of modern sculpture
Rodin, Auguste Sculptures
Rokeby Venus
Roman Amphitheaters
Roman Bathhouses
Roman Baths (Bath)
Roman EmperorsList of the most famous Roman Emperors in history
Romanesque Art
Romanesque Artists
Romanesque Artworks
Romanesque Buildings
Romanesque Revival Buildings
Roman ForumRuins of the ancient Roman most famous marketplace
Roman Temples
Romantic Art
Romantic Artists
Romantic Buildings
Romantic Paintings
Rome Buildings
Rondanini Pietà
Roosevelt Arch
Rousseau, Henri Paintings
Royal Gorge BridgeTourist attraction near Cañon City, Colorado
Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
Royal Mausoleum Frogmore
Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Royal Palace of Brussels
Royal Palace of Caserta
Royal Palace of MadridOne of the largest palaces in the world, located in central Madrid, Spain
Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Rua Augusta ArchIconic monument in the historic heart of Lisbon, Portugal
Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640)
Rubens, Peter Paul Paintings
Rucellai Madonna
Russian Artists
Ryugyong Hotel