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La Belle FerronièreMysterious painting of a lady by Leonardo da Vinci
La Belle Jardinière
LacemakerThis delicate work of art highlights the talent of Johannes Vermeer
Lady with an ErmineIntriguing painting of a lady by Leonardo da Vinci
La Fornarina
La Madeleine
Lancaster Castle
Large Bathers (Cézanne)
La Scala
Las Hilanderas
Las Lajas Sanctuary
Las Meninas
Last Judgement (Michelangelo)Monumental fresco by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel
Last Supper (Da Vinci)World-famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci
Last Supper (Tintoretto)Tintoretto’s version of Leonardo’s masterpiece
Leadenhall Market
Leaning Tower of PisaThe famous leaning tower in the Italian city of Pisa
Le Bonheur de Vivre
Leeds CastlePicturesque medieval castle in Kent, England
Lenin’s Mausoleum
Les InvalidesMilitary complex in Paris with a golden dome and the tomb of Napoleon
Leuven Town Hall
Lewes Castle
Liberty Leading the People
Liège-Guillemins Railway Station
Lighthouse of AlexandriaDestroyed ancient lighthouse in Egypt
Lighthouse of Genoa
Lincoln CastleMedieval Castle constructed on the site of a former Roman complex
Lincoln CathedralRemarkable Gothic cathedral in England
Lincoln MemorialGrand memorial in Washington D.C. dedicated to Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Linderhof Palace
Lindisfarne Castle
Lion Hunt (Delacroix)
Little Street (Vermeer)
Liverpool Buildings
Lloyd’s Building
London BridgeThe oldest bridge in London
London Buildings
London EyeHuge Ferris Wheel in London
Longshan Temple
Los Angeles Buildings
Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Paintings
Lotte World Tower
Lotus Tower
Louvre MuseumFacts about the famous museum in Paris
Louvre Museum Paintings
Louvre Museum Sculptures
Louvre PyramidFacts about the iconic entrance to the Louvre Museum
Loves of the Gods
Lucca Madonna
Ludlow CastleMedieval castle in Ludlow, England
Luncheon of the Boating Party
Luncheon on the Grass (Manet)
Luxembourg Palace
Luxor TempleA large temple complex in the city with the same name in southern Egypt