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7 Wonders of the Ancient WorldList of ancient wonders of which only one still stands today
7 Wonders of the Industrial WorldDiscover the inventions that revolutionized the industrial world
7 Wonders of the Medieval WorldThese landmarks were considered to be the 7 wonders of the Middle Ages
7 Wonders of the Modern WorldA list of things that changed the world that we live in today
7 Wonders of the World TodayThe renewed list of 7 wonders that was voted on in the 21st century
8 Spruce StreetSkyscraper in New York City designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry
12 Treasures of SpainThis list features the most famous attractions and landmarks in Spain
30 Hudson YardsAn amazing new skyscraper in New York City with a fantastic observation deck
432 Park AvenueOne of the tallest residential skyscrapers in the world that is located near Central park